Aluminium Bifold Doors or Aluminium Sliding Doors?

The age old argument – are you choosing between aluminium bifolding doors and aluminium sliding doors?

If you are planning a new home improvement project, you may well have already decided on a certain opening size, however, do you fill the void with sliding doors or bifold doors? Each style of aluminium door has their own set of advantages, so here at Now Aluminium, we have put together a quick list of these visual and practicality benefits to help you make up your mind.

Visual Features

Bifold Doors

When fully stacked, bi folding doors will create an entire opening from wall to wall, providing an uninterrupted view of the outside

When closed, each frame, despite being exceptionally thin, will break up the outside view very slightly.

Sliding doors

When fully open, one door will always remain with one/multiple doors sliding behind.

When closed, there will be less frames than bifolding doors, so less interruption of the view outside and more glass.

In summary, Sliding doors will generally provide a better view when the doors are closed, whilst bifolding doors provide the greater expanse when fully open.

Configuration Features

Bifold Doors

Almost any configuration is possible!

Doors can be stacked inside or out

Sliding Doors

Multiple configurations available – including opening from the centre (although this will leave two door panels when fully open)

Can slide either left or right – a minimum of one door panel will always remain

So, Bifolds or Sliding Doors – which is the best option?

In general, bifolding doors offer the most flexibility of door configuration and sliding patio doors offer more glass however in reality, the choice of door is very much dependant on your personal requirements. Given all Now Aluminium aluminium doors are manufactured to bespoke specifications, all our doors are unique and tailored to your property and tastes. Therefore, you can be sure that your final choice of doors will be the perfect solution for your home.