Are Aluminium or uPVC Doors Better?

When choosing a material for the doors in your home, there are two common options; aluminium and uPVC. Both aluminium and uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) are great materials for doors, however, choosing which material to go for depends on several factors specific to the buyer; such as budget, security, style preferences and sustainability values. In this blog, both benefits and disadvantages will be discussed for each of these materials along with everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision on which material you want to purchase for your home.


What is the difference between Aluminium and uPVC doors?

Aluminium is metal and is therefore a more solid and durable material, unlike uPVC which is plastic and might change shape or denature over time which will result in a need for realigning or replacing. Because aluminium doors are far more durable and will last longer, they tend to cost slightly more than  uPVC doors. Aluminium doors also command a slightly higher  price since they are considered more aesthetically pleasing, more secure , and can be built to much larger sizes (meaning more glass and less interrupted views) than uPVC doors, which have significantly smaller maximum sizes. As aluminium is a stronger material, it can be built with quality, slim sightlines (narrow frames) for maximal views, boosting overall desirability but also security and performance.

uPVC is a  cheaper, low maintenance option than aluminium but aluminium  doors require even less maintenance than uPVC, as uPVC can discolour and start to look tired over time. Whilst they are both long lasting, an aluminium door would long outlast a uPVC door.. People may be drawn to uPVC as a  cheaper option , however, there is often a limited range of colour options with most uPVC doors being sticker white. uPVC can be sprayed another colour, however this isn’t as good quality and won’t last as long. Aluminium on the other hand can be powder coated to almost any RAL colour the buyer likes. At Now Aluminium, we offer dual colour and custom RAL colour options as one of the key features in our NW Bifold Doors and NW-S Sliding Patio Doors.

Is Aluminium or uPVC better?

Aluminium doors are better than uPVC in terms of security and durability and are also 100% recyclable making them a fully sustainable material. Aluminium is an excellent insulator and can help keep heat sealed in and the cold air out. With this insulation, aluminium doors can help reduce energy bills and minimise carbon footprints. At Now Aluminium we believe that although aluminium bi-fold doors are initially a slightly higher cost they are a sound investment and are ultimately more cost effective in the long run. Our doors are long lasting  and come with low maintenance needs such as an occasional wash with soapy water to keep it looking new andprevent your doors from building up any tough stains and cleaning any debris from the track to ensure smooth running.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are incredibly weather resistant (tested to BS6375 Part 1 : 2009) suitable for all properties. uPVC doors that are exposed to direct sunlight every day can expand and shrink making them increasingly more challenging to open and close over time. Constant sunlight exposure to any plastic material will cause discolouration and over time uPVC doors can begin to be slightly yellow in colour. 

Not only is aluminium more suitable in terms of functionality and practicality but it can also look more visually andaesthetically appealing. We design our aluminium bi-fold doors with slimline frames and can colour the frame to your preference. Our Alunet bifold and slidingdoor profiles are strong, highly corrosion resistant and do not rust or degrade over time. Explore our types of door opening configurations all built with ultra-smoothrunning, and choose from an array of colours, and other options.

Aluminium doors are preferred for their durability, strength, design and decoration flexibility, whereas uPVC is often chosen for being the most affordable option. Choose which door is best for you depending on your budget, priorities and values. Consult Now Aluminium today to explore which doors are the best fit for you!