What are the benefits of Supply Only Bifolds?

For many homeowners, a builder will be managing the new build, extension or home improvement project. Therefore, there is often a dilemma – do I order my bi folding doors on a supply and fit basis with the manufacturer or should I opt for bi folding doors on a trade supply order and entrust my builder to install?

Whilst there are many companies that offer a supply and fit option, NOW Aluminium offer only supply only bifolds. There are many reasons for this – but the main one being service and end result. We promise you the very highest level of product. Our NW1 slimline Bifolding doors are manufactured to the very highest of standards and delivered on time – at a great price. Our 55mm profile is one on the leading slimline systems on the market and each set of doors is created at our London manufacturing facility by skilled engineers and finished and inspected by hand. What you will see in many review and recommendations is that much of the unreliability lies in the fitting side of the agreement. As a general rule, bifold door fitters are not builders. Their job is to fit the door and move on to the next job. Often, standards slip with the emphasis being on numbers of installations per day. This is of course not true of all companies that offer this service, but there has been a tendency for many to slip into this trend over recent years. We would always suggest handing the task of fitting the aluminium bifold doors over to the connection that understands the whole project – more often than not, your builder. Our aluminium doors are incredibly easy to fit for most trade bifold specialists or builders (step by step fitting instructions are provided on each order and available to download on our website) – especially if they are the ones who have designed/created the opening that the doors will fit and provided measurements into our configurator. Often there are tasks that need addressing immediately after the doors are fitted, such as plastering, painting etc. On occasions, on some projects the aperture may require fine adjustments during the fitting stage – without doubt, this is better handled by your builder. In addition to these factors, there is the subject of price. Quite often, the cost of paying a window and door company to fit the bifolds will exceed that of an experienced local builder – it’s always worth breaking down the cost you have been provided. NOW Aluminium have built a network of regional builders and installers in a wide range of geographic locations throughout the UK who are experienced in handling and fitting our Bifolding door systems. If you are keen on ordering aluminium bifolding doors, but don’t yet have an installer/builder, then feel free to give us a call and provide the project postcode – we will endeavour to provide a contact that we trust to quote for the installation, but you are by no means under any obligation to use them.