Bi Folding Door Care & Maintenance

By adding Aluminium bi folding doors to your home, you have made a great decision. Your home will instantly ooze contemporary style and open plan aesthetic.

Without doubt, you will want to keep them looking great for many years to come! Whilst aluminium doors require far less maintenance than alternative materials such as timber and oak, they will still require attention – albeit minimal.

How regularly should you inspect your doors?

As we mention previously, aluminium bi fold doors are known for their minimal maintenance. We would suggest inspecting and cleaning your doors once a year – for doors located near the coast or in the city, aim for every 6 months. In these locations, there will be more salt and air pollution that can build up on the glasswork and frame, and within the operating mechanism.

Attentive Installation

NOW Aluminium offer supply only bifolds to professionals and homeowners located throughout the UK. Whilst our doors are fairly straightforward to install for a fitter/builder, it is imperative that that they are fitted and finished correctly as any cut corners at the installation stage will almost certainly affect the lifespan.

Cleaning Bifold Doors

Quite simply, the best way to clean the door frame, use a soft cloth with warm water and washing up liquid – don’t ever use a cleaner that may scratch the paintwork – this includes scourers or abrasive cleaners. A minimal amount of silicone spray any moving parts will keep them in perfect working order. Remember to remove any small stones from the bottom track as this may cause long-term damage – the best way to do this each time you hoover.

NOW Aluminium bifolds are made from premium-quality materials in order to be exceptionally durable and sturdy – with a little bit of love, they will look as good as new for years and provide the perfect finishing touch to any property. Why not try our online bifold quote configurator and get on online quotation instantly!