Are Bifolds a good choice in the Winter months?

With the chilly season just around the corner, you may think that it is the wrong time to be thinking about bifold doors. On the contrary, aluminium bifold doors added in the Autumn and Winter can be the perfect addition for a property.

Here are a few benefits that many of our customers feedback when they have had bifolds installed throughout the colder months.

An Uninterrupted Crisp View

The picturesque view outside when a frost or the snow has fallen can be the perfect way to start your day. When you replace a wall with aluminium bifolds, you get a glorious view outside. Evening and the night can also be made special with bifold doors. Cold, crisp winter evenings after dark encourages clear skies – why not check out the moon and stars from your warm, snug home – even more perfect with a log fire or wood burner.

Lower energy bills

Our NW1 bifold door system is incredibly thermally efficient – sometime more efficient than the wall it was replacing. This is made achievable due to the high-performance thermal glazing (as standard with all glazed options). Less heat lost and less cold air coming in means you can reduce your heating requirements and thus your bills will reduce.

More natural Light

The shorter days in the winter mean that you need to make the most of every second of natural light. Not only do Now Aluminium Doors replace entire walls with glass, but our slimline aluminium frames allow more natural light into a property than many of our more bulky competitor products.

We believe there is never a bad time to add bifolds to a property as they offer benefits all year round. Whilst they are often seen as a perfect addition to a home during the Summer, their benefits in the colder months are equally impressive. Why not discuss further with one of the NOW Aluminium team today?