Why Now Aluminium Doors are the perfect choice for Architects

Over the last 20 years, the good old patio door has been largely superseded by the more versatile bifold door or sliding door, offering a bespoke, more diverse functionality to perfectly compliment your home.

Bifolds offer the unique ability to open up an entire wall into nothing, providing vast open spaces to live in and move between. When closed, they offer huge amounts of natural light to enter a building.

Benefits for an architect’s clients

  • Greater ‘connection’ with the outside. Both physically and spiritually.
  • Function. Bifolds are lightweight and easy to use
  • Visually they provide a contemporary finish to any home – and a diverse range of colours and finishes. They’re great for small properties by creating the illusion of more space.
  • Longevity. NW1 doors are precision made to bespoke sizes and extremely durable. They will look new for years to come with minimal maintenance.

Simple to install

Bifold doors are quick and easy to install – perfect for a new build property or development where efficiency and quality is key. For the fastest installation, the builder/developer creates an opening to the size set by the architect and Now Aluminium will create a door manufactured to these exact sizes on a supply only basis – delivered for FREE to site on the date/time specified.

Odd numbers are better than even

We always find that odd numbers of panels are better than even. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, odd numbers allow you to use one door as a traffic door – even numbers restrict opening to two panels folding together to create an opening. Secondly, aesthetically, odd numbers usually seem to look more ‘balanced’ than even numbers of leaves.


Whilst NW1 Bifolds are far from the very cheapest bifolds on the market, our efficient company structure and minimal overheads allow us pass the savings onto our customers and offer an extremely slimline, high quality product with slick, reliable service for minimal costs. Use our bifold door configurator to see for yourself and get on online cost comparison?