How to care for NOW Aluminium Bifolding Doors

A few hints and tips on how to care for your new bifolding doors

NOW Aluminium supply only bifolding doors are manufactured in our specialist bifold factory in London to the highest standards and are designed to deal with the worst of the British weather. However, we always recommend customers follow a few simple tips on how to look after their new NOW bifolding doors to help look after them.

How often should I clean my bifolding doors?

Aluminium bifold doors are very low-maintenance, requiring maintenance and cleaning around once a year. If you are near the coast or in the city (areas of higher pollution), you should aim to clean every 6 months to avoid a build up of dust or salt.

How do I clean Bifolding Door frames and hinges?

Your NOW Aluminium bifold door frames, edges and hinges should simply be cleaned with a solution of warm water and mild washing-up liquid. Never use cleaning items such as a scouring pad or harsh abrasive cleaners; a lint free cloth or sponge will do the job perfectly. You can also use silicone spray on the door hinges and locking mechanism will keep them in perfect working order, but remember to wipe away any excess.

How do I clean the bifold door running tracks?

Be aware of any stones that can easily fall into the door track. Whilst they only seem small, they can really do some serious damage to your doors and the running mechanism. To avoid this, simply vacuum the door runners/ tracks once a month to avoid any build up.

Handle with care!

Despite NOW Aluminium bifolds being exceptionally strong, it helps to treat them gently. Any resistance in opening or closing is likely to be caused by debris, so often a warning sign and an indication to clean/service. If you look after your bifolding doors, they will continue to look and operate as good as new for years to come!