Choosing your bi-fold door colours

Aluminium bifolding doors will be a key feature of your home for many, many years, so as a rule of thumb, it’s important not to be too ‘on-trend’ when it comes to your colour choice (unless you are planning on replacing them sooner rather than later) – especially for low maintenance profiles like NOW Aluminium, which never require repainting. Fashions and tastes will most likely change in time but your bifold systems won’t, so it’s important you select a choice that will last the test of time.

The colour you select for your aluminium bifolds must integrate with the rest of the property. Ideally the colours will blend with existing aspects of the property; these include features such as front doors, windows, garage doors, gates, roof systems etc. Also, try to choose a shade which complements the property’s main building materials – typically stone, brick, slate, tile, timber, oak etc.

How to choose colours

Aluminium bifolding doors, like aluminium windows, are regularly selected to add a contemporary look and feel to a property – to make a modern statement and aesthetic – so choose a colour that doesn’t fight with the minimal impact of the frame. Here are a few handy hints and tips:

Colours such as anthracite grey or black (standard stock NOW Aluminium colours) can make the slimline bifold frame ‘blend’ into the glass – as a result, this creates a smooth, flat aesthetic.
A dark bi folding door frame installed in a light render/building material creates an incredible contrast and maximises character. It will ensure the bifolding door system is an eye-catching architectural feature.
NOW Aluminium bifolding doors are powder coated, so the colours will stay fresh and vibrant. The highly-durable finish ensures they will look as good as new for years to come.

NOW Aluminium bifolds are offered on a supply only basis for both the homeowner and supplied to the trade, manufactured at our London based facility. Regardless, you can call our experienced sales advisors for any help and advice you might need, and create the perfect finish to your home/development/project.