Choosing The Right Colour For Your New Bifold Doors (Complete Guide)

RAL colour options by NOW Aluminium

This guide will help you choose the right colour for your new set of bifold doors. Bifold doors are fantastic at bringing in the natural lights and colours of your garden directly into your home, but this beauty can be enhanced by choosing the perfect colour. However, this isn’t a one size fits all decision. […]

The Real Benefits of Bifold Doors

benefits of adding bifolds to your home

There are several benefits of installing bifold doors in your home, whether you are looking to improve your living space or wanting to stand out on the housing market. Bifold doors offer your home a variety of practical and aesthetic advantages, from their space-saving design to their ability to flood interiors with natural light.  Throughout […]

Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2024


Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2024 As is the case with any trend, interior and exterior door styles and fashions are always changing. Sometimes, staying trendy can be as simple as just changing the colour of your door, other times, more modern features like smart doors are the new big thing. For the full […]

Are Aluminium Bifold Doors Good For Winter?


Aluminium doors are arguably the best material for double-glazed bifold doors for a variety of reasons, from their solar gain properties to maximal security. Let’s dive into the different factors as to why Now Aluminium bifold doors are the ideal asset to your property, whatever the weather.  Quality  Now Aluminium bifold doors are built with […]

What Is The Difference Between Bifold Doors and Sliding Doors?


Bifold and sliding patio doors are two different types of doors used in homes and commercial buildings, they have various similarities in terms of materials and thermal properties. However, their designs, functions and operations between the two are different, which can influence someone’s decision when it comes to choosing between the two. Door Openings and […]

Do You Need A Planning Permission to Put In Bifold Doors?


Bifold doors serve many purposes such as saving space, being completely secure, maximising the natural light in your home, being compact and energy-efficient, and adding an aesthetic look and feel to your home. They are a very low-maintenance option for doors but, of course, still require care and cleaning. This decision requires careful consideration, planning […]

Are Aluminium or uPVC Doors Better?


When choosing a material for the doors in your home, there are two common options; aluminium and uPVC. Both aluminium and uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) are great materials for doors, however, choosing which material to go for depends on several factors specific to the buyer; such as budget, security, style preferences and sustainability values. In […]

Create the Perfect Garden Room

garden room bifold doors

Many of us throughout the UK have taken up the trend of creating additional space by adding a garden room or outside living space. Garden rooms provide a simple, cost effective way of providing extra comfortable room or accommodation without the expense or permanence of a traditional typical home extension. The usage can vary – […]

THE place for Supply Only Bifolds in London!

supply only trade concertina doors

Are you looking for supply only bifolding doors in London or the Home Counties? Then look no further than NOW Aluminium! We are based in Croydon and both hold stock and fabricate on site. This means we are perfectly placed if you are looking for a supplier of supply only bifolds in London or surrounding […]

Do Bifolds Keep Your Home Warm?

NOW Bifolds by Christmas

If you’re looking to purchase Aluminium Bifolding Doors over the winter period, one thing you may be questioning is whether bifolds make a room colder? Given much of the divide between inside and out is glass, it’s easy to see why people might assume this may make a room colder. In our latest blog we […]