How Long Do Composite Doors Last?

Atlas Composite Door by NOW Aluminium

Composite doors boast a number of unique benefits like increased durability, low maintenance and extra security. These selling points have allowed composite doors to become incredibly popular. But while these features are certainly nice, it’s important to question how long composite doors last because without longevity, these other benefits hardly matter. So, let’s dig into […]

What Is A Composite Door?

Atlas Composite Door by NOW Aluminium

They seem to be more popular than ever, but what is a composite door exactly? We’ve had a number of customers ask about what makes a door composite. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand composite doors and if they are right for you. What Are Composite Doors? Composite doors most […]

Do Bifold Doors Add Value To Your Home?

Dark grey bifold patio door with natural light

Have you ever wondered if bifold doors actually add value to your home?  Bifold doors instantly unlock the potential of your living space, adding both functional and aesthetic value to your home. Beyond their sleek and modern appearance, these doors offer a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing natural light to flood your […]

How Much Do Bifold Doors Cost?

4 pane bifold doors set in white walls leading out to a patio and lawn

Bifold doors have become increasingly popular in contemporary home design, but how much do they now cost in 2023? Not only do bifold doors have aesthetic appeal, they also have functional advantages. They are a fantastic way to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing in natural light and adding a touch […]

5 Alternatives to Bifold Doors

Dark grey french doors inside

When it comes to creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, bifold doors have long held the reputation as a popular and functional choice. However, there are instances where homeowners might seek alternatives to bifold doors. Whether it’s due to space limitations, architectural constraints, or simply personal preferences, exploring different door types can […]

Bifold vs Sliding Doors – What Are The Differences?

Dark grey bifold doors leading out to wood decking

Bifold and sliding doors have grown in popularity in modern homes because they provide a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces while maximising natural light. Understanding the differences between these two types of doors is critical for making an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. We will look at the qualities, […]

Bifold vs French Doors

Dark grey bifold doors leading out to the lawn

As modern homeowners and property developers seek to maximise natural light and create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, the popularity of bifold and French doors has skyrocketed – but what is the difference? These two door styles offer distinct advantages and aesthetic appeal, making them an ideal choice for those looking for high-quality, […]

Guide to Buying a Bifold Door

4 pane black bifold doors between kitchen and patio

For good reason, bifold doors have grown in popularity in recent years – especially aluminium ones. These innovative doors have the potential to completely transform living areas by allowing for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition and enhancing natural light.  If you’re thinking about getting a bifold door for your home, this comprehensive guide will give you […]

What is the Best Way to Clean Bifold Doors?

White bifold doors within a brick wall

Now Aluminium understands the significance of bifold door cleaning and maintenance. These stylish and adaptable doors may significantly improve the appearance of your home while also providing usefulness and durability. It is critical to maintain a good cleaning schedule to guarantee that your bifold doors continue to appear and perform at their best. This comprehensive […]

Are Aluminium Bifold Doors Good For Winter?


Aluminium doors are arguably the best material for double-glazed bifold doors for a variety of reasons, from their solar gain properties to maximal security. Let’s dive into the different factors as to why Now Aluminium bifold doors are the ideal asset to your property, whatever the weather.  Quality  Now Aluminium bifold doors are built with […]