How to decide on your bi-folding door configuration

NOW Aluminium bi-folding door panels can span between 700mm to 1200mm. This means that you can often be faced with the question – how many door panels do I choose for my set of bi-folds?

The main thing to understand with bi-folding doors is that each “pair” of bi-fold doors, opens and closes in tandem, so will not operate as individual sections. In effect, each pair of panels operate as one. As these two bi-fold door sections are inextricably linked, neither of these two sections can operate as a travel door without the other opening or closing at the same time. As a result, if you want to have a single traffic door within your bi-folding door configuration, you will need to have an odd number of sections.
Our online door builder automatically sizes the minimal number of door panels for your given aperture – providing an instant quotation. Not only will this provide the least frame and maximum glass, it will also produce the most competitive price for your opening. However, if this figure produces an even number of doors, simply call us and we can generate a price based on an odd number of panels. In our experience, the optimum number of sections for an aluminium bi-folding door for each particular property is really determined by the size of the aperture and most importantly, how these bi-folding doors will be used.

You will also need to consider your surrounding space and whether you want your bi-folding doors to a) open to the left or to the right, and b) fold inwardly or outwardly. You can ask your builder or architect what they might suggest for your home as they may have different suggestions to what you may have. You can of course also contact one of the helpful NOW Aluminium team who will be happy to help based on our years of experience.