Cleaning Aluminium Bifolding Doors

You’ll be blown away with the difference cleaning your aluminium bifolding doors will make to brighten up your home!

However, you start, why not get some advice on how to clean aluminium bifolding doors and bifold door glass effectively? Here are some words of advice on how to get the best results.

The things you need are:

A bucket
A clean towel
Every-day washing-up liquid
A clean, large sponge
A good squeegee
Some clean, dry microfibre cloths

Alternative cleaning materials:

A lemon

Step 1: Get prepared

Take a bucket of warm water and add around a tablespoon of washing-up liquid – the trick is to use enough without getting bubbles in the bucket – too much detergent leaves streaks on the glass which clearly defeats the purpose of the exercise!

Step 2: Clean the bifolding door frames

You can now ready to start on the bifold frames. Begin with the outside as it means dribbles aren’t an issue. Begin rubbing lightly and, if the dirt won’t shift, start to press harder. It will be easier next time. Repeat if necessary.

When clean, use one of your dry cloths to remove excess water off the frame.

Step 3: Clean the bifold door glass panes

With a damp sponge, you are ready to start wetting the bifolding door panes. Most of the time, the glass will only require a light wash but there may be some more stubborn marks which require more effort to remove. A light scourer or a cloth might work better, but don’t use anything too scratchy.

Step 4: Rinse with a squeegee

The removal of the water is the key part of the process to achieving a good finish. You cannot call your windows clean until you have completed this step!

Quick tip – it shouldn’t be necessary to dry the pane any more after squeegeeing. Any remaining water will evaporate.

More ecological processes

If you prefer not to use detergents, there are some alternative solutions. Using white vinegar or a lemon are popular options. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub the juice all over the pane. These solutions can be very effective – simply wipe off the liquid with newspaper to finish.

So, there you have it – NOW aluminium bifolding doors are very low maintenance for years of enjoyment. Simply follow these steps regularly for doors that will look as good in ten years time as the day they were installed!