Design Ideas To Get More Light Into Your Home

Getting more natural light into your home is proven to help improve your health, make your home seem larger than it is and save you money on your energy bills. Too often we rely on artificial light to illuminate our homes, however, there are some simple ways to get more of the sun flooding into your property.

Increase Reflective Materials

If you’re working on a relatively tight budget and can’t quite afford to purchase larger windows, you can increase the flow of natural light that is already present in your home with reflective materials. By placing more mirrors and reflective ornaments throughout your property, you can help the light travel further without breaking the bank.

Think Carefully About Your Colour Schemes

Similarly, by thinking carefully about the type of colour scheme you employ at your property, you can help improve reflectiveness and make your home brighter without any large-scale improvements. Opting for pastels instead of dark shades will make your entire home feel brighter and more welcoming.

Consider Bi-Fold Doors Out To The Garden

The most effective way to get more light into your property is to upgrade the windows and doors you have throughout your home. A key area to do this is at the back of the house bordering the garden. By installing a bi-fold patio door, you’ll significantly increase the light present in your home by expanding the amount of glass.

Install a Roof Light or Roof Lantern

For those harder to reach places, like hallways and rooms in the middle of the home, consider installing a roof light or roof lantern. These products create a direct path for light to enter through the roof without it having to travel from other rooms. Doing this can immediately make a huge difference and greatly reduce the amount you’ll be spending on electric lights in these areas.

Consider a Roof Light or Roof Lantern For Your Home From Now Aluminium

If you’d like to get a bit more light into your home, consider a brand new aluminium glazing product from Now Aluminium. We have a vast array of products including bifolding doors (get an instant online quotation today) which will help to brighten up your home, save money on your bills and improve your health.