How to measure up for your new bifold doors

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It is vital that the opening you have prepared for your NOW Aluminium bifolding doors is structurally sound, measured carefully, square and symmetrical.

To get a quote, your measurements don’t need to be 100% accurate – once you have placed your order, will we ask for more accurate sizes (the final measurements must fall within a tolerance 15mm of the initial quotation). It is only on receipt of these confirmed sizes that we will start the manufacturing stage. You don’t need to worry about a thing – NOW will make sure everything is clear to you and keep the whole process straightforward.


The opening

The aperture must have a relatively flat, level bottom, vertical sides and a solid head. That said, small variances can be accommodated – mention these to your builder and when placing your order. As a rule, if the bottom and the top surface are level, and the vertical sides perpendicular then your resulting opening will be square. Another way of checking is to measure from corner to corner – if these figures are the same then your opening is square.


The height and width

When completing the height and width fields, take 3 or 4 measurements (depending on the size of the opening) every 500mm-750mm from the exterior of the building (where the door frame is usually positioned) from the blockwork, brickwork (or foundation/slab where on which the bottom track will sit). The results should be identical if perfectly square, but if not, provide us with the smallest figure.

If you have any questions at all at this stage, feel free to give us a call. We will confirm all sizes before your doors go to manufacture as it is vital that measurements are accurate. We cannot take responsibility for inaccurate measurements so ask us or check with a professional if you are a homeowner/self-builder.

The diagram below will help and you can download our full installation guide here if required.

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measure bifolds 1

STEP 1: Take at least three height measurements across the width of the aperture - if unequal use the smallest

measure bifolds 2

STEP 2: Take at least three width measurements up the height of the aperture – if unequal use the smallest

measure bifolds 3

STEP 3: Check the aperture is square by measuring the two diagonals, which should be equal

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