Get more fresh air with bifold windows

If you work from home or in a poorly ventilated office, you might find yourself getting tired and feeling lethargic on a daily basis. One option is to pour another coffee, or get an earlier night’s sleep… but the very act of creating more airflow and simply opening the windows might be the only thing you need to do!

When fresh air flows through a room or property, it replaces used stale air and dust. Pure oxygen flows within the fresh air. Higher oxygen levels help keep people awake and stay more focused. In addition, fresh air circulating throughout a property reduces the level of condensation in the home. This helps prevent high humidity and keeps a property more comfortable in the summer months. It also helps reduce the chance of mould and moisture in the winter months.

So how do you maximise air flow in the home? Well, our new aluminium bifold windows are the perfect way create huge openings. By replacing existing fixed or sash windows, you will be able to completely sweep aside walls of glass. They are exceptionally slimline, so will provide the ‘open plan’ look and feel even when they are closed. So, if you are looking for a ‘statement’ finish to your home all year round, our bifolding window system are the perfect choice for your home