What are the Benefits of Extending a Property?

As our everyday lifestyle adapts over the years and families grow, it’s inevitable that our home needs to accommodate these needs.

The most common thing we hear people saying that they would change about their home is ‘more space’. Therefore, the homeowner is faced with two choices – do I extend my current home or do I look to move house?

If location is also a consideration, then a move is certainly a good option – however, if you’re happy where you are and have the outside space, then building an extension to your existing home is worth the investment.

Research Extension Options

Why not take a look round similar properties on your road or in your neighbourhood that have been extended. This will give you a good idea about what is possible with the property structure and also what has been approved previously by planning. It may also provide inspiration and new ideas that you hadn’t considered.

How much the extension project will cost will be determined by several factors – size, location and style. In addition, you will probably need to pay for professional services and planning permission and possible accommodation costs at stages of the build.

Rewards and Investment

Your home extension will only really add real investment in the long term, so don’t expect any huge short-term pay-offs. The biggest investment will be in your day-to-day way-of-life which in our eyes is far more important. In essence, you have the opportunity to create a living space that is entirely designed around your requirements and tastes – this is priceless! It also provides the opportunity to modernise your property and make your home more energy efficient. Popular features such as underfloor heating, energy efficient insulation and low u-value aluminium bifold doors will transform your energy bills and provide a far more flexible and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Why not speak to a local builder about similar properties they may have worked on and provide a ball-park quotation? We often work with builders who require supply-only trade bifolds for these types of projects, so can help with decisions around the configuration and layout.

Why not give us a call today for advice or get an instant quote using our online bifold quote configurator?