Home extension planning tips

NOW Aluminium bifolding doors are used in a wide range of home improvement projects, however many of our clients require our doors because they are embarking on a new home extension. We have put together 4 top tips to take into account if you are considering this kind of venture!

Choice of material

From the start, you should plan to use materials that work with your current home – don’t choose materials as an afterthought or purely because they are on offer. They don’t necessarily need to blend in with your current home – if it has no overriding character, then a contrast can improve both elements. If you are going to use varying materials, then the solution has to be of high quality throughout.

Planning a budget

You should be mindful of your budget throughout the project. Try to keep quality as high as possible and create a space that you can grow into for years to come. Be wary that it is better to part-finish an extension and complete at a later date, rather than finish with inferior standards of fittings/finish. Why not try various dimensions in our online bifold door quote calculator to see how different door sizes fit within your budget.

Always be Prepared!

Any home extension project will involve mess, disruption and plenty of noise! By the very nature of NOW Aluminium folding doors, we help keep the elements OUT, but this naturally means the house isn’t weather-tight for a period of time and potentially a target for intruders. Of course, you can help speed things along and avoid this upheaval by moving out for a short period of time, but this is clearly not an option for most!

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Getting the right size is certainly the biggest challenge. There are no set rules, but at times, some extensions added to buildings have spoilt the original house because they are too overpowering. When thinking about extra space, consider how they can combine or improve existing spaces, rather than simply adding additional square footage.