How to make the most out of the summer this year!

As we all remember, 2018 was one of the hottest Summers we’ve ever had, with over 100 days of straight blue skies. Just 2 years later, why not prepare your home to make the most out of the Sun. Aluminium glazing is the latest trend for improving your home and it has many benefits that not only look great but are a practical improvement to your home.

Maximise Natural Light

Natural light is a key element in your home, it makes the interior space look bigger, brighter and enhances the colours in your rooms. When you upgrade to our slimline aluminium AP58 windows the slim framework allows for even more light to enter your home.

We have always found that when your home is filled with natural light it improves the mood throughout the house, creating an enjoyable environment to live in.

Maintain A Comfortable Temperature

Aluminium is a great thermal insulator, keeping your home the ideal temperature all year round. All of our products benefit from incredible u-values so you can be sure that no matter which one of our incredible products you choose, you’re sure to notice the benefits.

Interior Styling

When you open up your home you will immediately notice an influx of light in your home, especially during the Summer months. This addition of natural light will brighten up the interior of your home and enhance your interior styling. The colours throughout the room will be enhanced creating a much more desirable living environment.

Open Your Home

As one of the biggest home improvement trends at the moment, bi-folding doors enable you to open up your home, creating a seamless transition to the exterior of your property. This seamless transition is perfect in the Summer months as the opening will let fresh air flow throughout your home and create a big open-plan feel to your home. Our AP70 bi-folding doors are perfectly suited for this and with a turnaround as little as 7 days, you’re sure to be living in luxury quicker than ever!

Give Your Home a Luxury Feel

Opening up your home is seen as the must-have accessory when creating a luxury, modern home. When you upgrade your home with one of our stunning slimline bi-folding door systems, you really are adding value to your home. The new open space will truly be a desirable feature for potential buyers when the time comes to sell.