Why Aluminium Windows are the Ultimate Choice

Given its incredible strength, Aluminium is slimmer than other materials giving you a stylish, contemporary aesthetic to your home.

Ultra-slim frames used in Now Aluminium bifolds and windows ensure maximum glazing and minimum frame increasing the level of light entering your home. Now Aluminium windows are all bespoke – there are no off-the-shelf ‘standard’ sizes, available in any colour (inside and out) including a dual colour option and a range of finishes.

High quality – low maintenance

Aluminium is used across a number of premium products including racing bikes and sports cars because it is extremely light but also incredibly strong, durable and corrosion-proof. Thermally, aluminium doesn’t expand in heat or contract when cold so won’t become draughty or jam. Aluminium profile is also highly energy efficient, thermally broken to prevent heat transfer. Given the flush profile, strength and multi-point locking system aluminium windows are also incredibly secure. Aluminium framed windows are ideal for homeowners who want a low-maintenance window with high-performance levels at a cost that is affordable.

Peace of mind guarantee

We understand that when you invest in new windows for your home, you want them to perform for years to come. This is why all of our supply only aluminium windows and bifolds are accompanied by a 1 year manufacturers guarantee – providing you with the reassurance that Now products will last for years to come.

If you’re looking for replacement windows, why not get in touch today for a quotation? They provide the perfect finish to you home alongside our aluminium bi folding doors.