How To Stop Bifold Doors Blowing In The Wind

Most bifold doors, particularly aluminium bifold doors, stand up very well to the elements. Having said that, some people do run into issues with the wind. 

They may experience rattling or even banging from their bifold doors blowing in the wind. Here’s what you need to know to avoid this problem.

Why Do Some Bifold Doors Blow In The Wind?

Strong winds can be a problem for some bifold doors. You may experience the door rattling on particularly windy days or potentially even see slamming with both standard bifold doors and traffic doors.

Part of this can be attributed to quality. A lower quality door is more likely to rattle or shake due to an insecure track system, gaps in the frame or weaker construction that isn’t suited to higher winds.

Why It’s A Problem

Bifold doors that rattle, shake or blow in the wind can be a real headache. Having to listen to hours of rattling on a windy night can make you question why you ever got those doors in the first place. 

And a pair of bifold doors that slams in the wind could lead to the door getting damaged or even see someone get hurt. 

Even if it seems like a trivial issue at first, it’s important to get it sorted.

How To Stop Bifold Doors Blowing In The Wind

If you’ve suffered from, or are concerned about bifold doors blowing in the wind, then we have a number of suggestions.

Buy Higher Quality Doors

When you buy from a trusted vendor like NOW Aluminium, you aren’t just buying a product, you are also buying a standard of work with a ton of benefits

Our aluminium bifold doors are completely bespoke, meaning they will be exact to your specifications. 

Dark grey bifold doors leading out to the lawn

On top of that, we only use the highest quality materials to ensure that our doors perform over the long term. Finally, we are confident in our work which is why we offer a 10 year warranty on all our doors.

Cheaper vendors tend to sell cookie cutter options made from lower grade materials like uPVC. This leads to issues of insecure track systems or weak construction that can then lead to rattling, shaking and weather damage.

Magnetic Door Holders

Even with the most secure doors, strong gusts of wind can lead to your bifold doors slamming shut. Rather than being forced to keep your beautiful bifold doors closed during the windier months, you could use a high quality magnetic bifold door stop. 

Our magnetic door catches are a standard option with all bifolds that help hold the master door back and look completely discreet so they don’t ruin your aesthetic. It is worth pointing out that it’s not advisable to leave any door open in strong winds, no matter the strength of the magnet.

Inspect Weather Stripping

That annoying rattling sound in the wind may be caused by gaps in the frame of your doors. When you go with a trusted seller like NOW Aluminium, you can expect real quality in terms of seals and weather stripping.

However, with a cheaper door, you may find that the stripping is lacklustre and so you may need to have this issue addressed by a professional.

Get A Secure Locking System

An insecure locking system will inevitably lead to security issues that go beyond the weather. Ideally you would want a multipoint locking system as it provides strength across the door similar to our ingenious 6-point locking system.

Other Ways To Block The Wind

If you find that wind is a particularly bad issue for you, then it’s worth looking at other options to deal with those gusts. Perhaps you can consider strategically utilising shrubbery or awning to act as a barrier from the wind to protect your bifold doors.

Make The Right Choice

While there are a number of options you can look into to stop your bifold doors blowing in the wind, the most important thing you can do is buy the right set of bifold doors. 

Getting it right from the beginning will mean you won’t have to worry about solving this issue after the fact. So, if you want a fantastic set of weatherproof bifold doors, then look no further than NOW Aluminium.