Trade Aluminium Bifolds V’s UPVC Bifolds

In recent times, aluminium has been the material of choice trade aluminium bifold doors for achieving a contemporary finish to homes throughout the UK. It is a more expensive option than say UPVC, but provides far greater scope in aesthetics and configuration.

For years, UPVC was the main choice when it came to doors and windows. Today, it’s falling behind and is gradually being replaced by aluminium. Whilst the price is higher, aluminium is often a much more cost effective option in the long run, as its durability ensures aluminium doors can last a lifetime. Aluminium copes better with temperature changes and requires virtually no maintenance.

Advantages of Aluminium


Aluminium us an exceptionally strong material and robust. It’s flat relief means that it is harder to break into and when combined with a quality locking mechanism, creates a very secure option for protecting your home from unwanted intruders. UPVC can corrode over years and lose strength – you don’t get this deterioration with aluminium.


As aluminium is stronger, it requires less frame to support the glass panels. This is why aluminium bifolds appear much thinner, and cleaner, than other frame types. UPVC frames have to be thicker to support the weight of the glass. The more frame you have, the less natural light you’ll get into the property. This creates a contemporary slimline look and a far more open plan feel within the home.


The strength of aluminium is another benefit, it means more glass, less frame. as mentioned above. It also means that there is less strain on the material and far more consistency over the lifespan of the door. It’s also tough against the elements, doesn’t rust or corrode.

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