White Label Bifold Delivery Available

At NOW Aluminium, we understand the requirements of our builders and trade customers completely. It’s not just about getting your aluminium bifolds manufactured and delivered on time and on budget, it’s about the smaller things too. This is why none of our vans carry NOW branding and none of our doors have NOW Aluminium safety tape. When you sell to your clients, it is a relationship built up between you and them. We serve part of that in that we manufacture the bifolds and deliver to site, but often this a small part of a much larger project. However, it is NOW supporting your brand and you are our client – we understand that it can be fairly confusing if a NOW branded delivery van turns up on site or a delivery driver with NOW branded clothing. We also understand that there may be a conflict of interest if your client sees our brand and comes direct for an online quote. Therefore, we made the decision to keep all our vehicles and personnel brand free – keeping things simple for you and straight forward for your clients.

Feel free to give us a call if you wish to discuss any element of how we support our builders and trade clients, or experience our online configurator to get an instant bifold quotation 24/7.