Why Choose Aluminium Over Alternative Materials?

Whether you live in central London or the middle of the countryside, choosing the right set of patio doors can transform a property, create a perfect view and add value to your home.

There are so many options on the market, it’s important that you make the right choice. Price obviously comes into it, and the option of sliding patio doors, but there are a number of options at a similar budget, so which direction do you go?

Open up your property

Initially folding-sliding doors might not be your initial choice over sliding doors, but their concertina style means that they can completely open up the side of a room within seconds which is why many people warm to them. The entire room can be instantly turned into an alfresco dining area, by almost completely removing the wall on the summer days. With our minimal frame depth, the doors stack discreetly to the side – either inside the house or more commonly out.

Frame Material – Aluminium, uPVC or Timber?

Once you have decided on the configuration, it’s time to select the frame material. Aluminium is a favourite thanks to its durability and strength – meaning it can support huge panes of glass with an extremely thin aluminium frame. Aluminium can cost more than the other options, but for the ultimate set of bifold doors, it really is the superior option.

Some people prefer timber and natural wood, but this option requires far more maintenance and care. It also limits you in terms of the finish and colour, but clearly the only option if this is the aesthetic you are looking for. Wood does tick the ‘organic’ box but as aluminium is a natural element, it is also a renewable, recyclable material. uPVC is the cheapest option, but with material restrictions structurally the door frames tend to be thicker and result in an aesthetic trade-off.

U Values and thermal insulation

Years ago, a patio door was a drain on energy efficiency due to heat escaping through the glass, the side, the top, the seal – pretty much everywhere! Today, Now Aluminium bifold can be even more energy efficient than the wall they are replacing! This level of insulation is measured by it’s ‘U-value’. Government building regulations recommend that bifold doors should have a 1.6 U value maximum – our NW1 slimline aluminium bifold system and thermal glazing (as standard) easily exceed this.

So, while there are many options when choosing a new set of patio doors, you can see why many people end up choosing aluminium. For any questions regarding our doors, feel free to get in touch with a Now bifold specialist today!

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