Are Aluminium Bifold Doors Good For Winter?

Aluminium doors are arguably the best material for double-glazed bifold doors for a variety of reasons, from their solar gain properties to maximal security. Let’s dive into the different factors as to why Now Aluminium bifold doors are the ideal asset to your property, whatever the weather. 


Now Aluminium bifold doors are built with attention to detail and practicality at the front of mind. Their contemporary design and ultra-slim sight-lines are great for maximal visibility, not only adding value to your experience but also value to your property. We aim to make the delivery and installation of our bifold doors as seamless as possible, through our measure guide and Bifold Door Installation Pack. Aluminium has great properties such as being lightweight, extremely strong and more resistant to wet and dry weather than any other material, making it a far more reliable material for doors than others. 


Open space – Visibility 

Whatever time of year, it can be nice to gaze out onto your patio or garden, and with our bifold doors, aluminium has excellent strength to weight properties, therefore allowing ultra narrow panel frames. Meaning you can enjoy the view without a bulky frame being within your sightline. And with a breadth of glazing options, you can enjoy your view even in winter from the comfort of your warm home, without any condensation steaming up your doors.

Insulation Properties

Now Aluminium doors have insulation properties that will keep solar gain and heat circulating your property even when it isn’t warm outside. Properties that are exposed to sunlight for just a few hours of the day have the potential to be heated naturally. During the warmer months, our bi-fold doors can be opened and stacked to welcome fresh air and natural light or if you are interested in a constant and controlled airflow, check out our aluminium bi-folds with a vent built-in with the frame. 

This leads us to our next point as to why aluminium doors are suitable for winter, they are a long-term investment that can reduce energy bills. Through aluminium frames, heat retention keeps the cooler air out and the warm air in. The slim aluminium frames and double or triple-glazed windows also effectively ensure optimal thermal insulation. When the glass is facing sunlight this helps with solar gain, keeping the heat in from the sun circulating it around the room.

Low Maintenance 

One of aluminium’s greatest properties is that the material does not rust, so you won’t have to worry about your bifold doors wearing away or becoming damaged. When the wet months begin, you will likely be opening the doors less often, and, with aluminium frames, there are zero risks of corrosion or the colour degrading, therefore suitable and reliable for all weather types.  


Our bi-folds come with multi-point locking bolts as standard and are PAS 24 Security rated and Ultion 3-star cylinder as standard, this high security barrel is 23% denser than iron and prevents lock snapping if at any point entry via damaging the cylinder is attempted.  

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