Do Bifolds Keep Your Home Warm?

If you’re looking to purchase Aluminium Bifolding Doors over the winter period, one thing you may be questioning is whether bifolds make a room colder?

Given much of the divide between inside and out is glass, it’s easy to see why people might assume this may make a room colder. In our latest blog we discuss how NOW supply only bifolds not only help with all year natural light but also keep your property warm.

Firstly, in the industry, we measure how thermally efficient an aluminium window or door is by rating it’s ability to retail heat in u-value – the lower the number, the more efficient it is. Regulations need a window/door to have a U-value of 1.6 W/m2K compared to over 3.0 W/m2K 20 years ago, which obviously means modern windows are far more efficient than older products. In large, this is mainly due to huge advances in double and triple glazing technology. Also, the aluminium profile itself is thermally broken which means that less heat is lost through the frame – aluminium frames are still not as thermally efficient as wood or UPVC, however they are generally slimmer, and more glass means a lower overall u value.

The very configuration of bifolds means that they can create a smaller opening than sliding doors. To enter or exit a sliding door, one large panel needs to be slid across creating a large opening and letting heat escape. Bifolds can create a single traffic door meaning that people can enter or leave an inside/outside space with a far smaller opening in comparison.

NOW aluminium use Alunet bifolding door profile which is one of the most thermally efficient profiles on the market today. We also use planitherm glazing as standard, with options for upgraded glass if required. If you’re looking for a supply only aluminium bifold door that can keep your home warm and cosy then get in touch with us today for an instant online quotation or for help and advice.