Choosing The Right Colour For Your New Bifold Doors (Complete Guide)

This guide will help you choose the right colour for your new set of bifold doors.

Bifold doors are fantastic at bringing in the natural lights and colours of your garden directly into your home, but this beauty can be enhanced by choosing the perfect colour.

However, this isn’t a one size fits all decision. Different colour accent and compliment different doors. So, here’s what you need to know so you can choose the right colour for your new set of aluminium bifold doors.

RAL colour options by NOW Aluminium

Factors To Consider

Before you can choose a colour, it’s important to consider a couple of factors:

Your Property

What kind of home do you have? Is it a modern, new-build, converted farmhouse, older period home. 

The style of your home will have a huge impact on the kinds of colours that will work with your aluminium sliding doors.

Your Style Goals

Ultimately, you need to decide what vibe you want to go with. Perhaps you want a more metallic, sleek style that screams modern living. But on the other hand, wood is a great option for a warmer, more welcoming look.

Your Interior Design

Bifold doors truly are the gateway between the inside of your home and the outer world. So, it’s so important to take your interior design into consideration when choosing your colour to avoid a nasty clash of styles or tones.

Popular Bifold Door Colours

Now, let’s get into some popular colours, white, black and anthracite grey are the three standard colours that we offer and these are by far the most popular options.

White – RAL 9016

RAL 9016 white

Clean and neutral, white is popular because it compliments so many styles of homes. White is very good at creating a sense of space and openness. It also keeps things bright which is fantastic if your goal with your new bi-fold doors is to bring in more natural light.

It’s often a colour chosen by customers with older homes that lack that natural openness and light.

Black – RAL 9005

RAL 9005 Black

Black, on the other hand, is all about being bold whilst still complimenting most design options. It pairs fantastically with white to create a really dramatic effect that several of our clients really enjoyed.

It typically works better with a modern home and aesthetic, but can also work well with darker, farm style houses too.

Anthracite Grey – RAL 7016

RAL 7016 anthracite grey

Anthracite grey is all about creating a nice balance between the traditional look of white and the bold of black. It tends to lend itself well to modern aesthetics but is neutral enough to work with a wide variety of homes and styles.

It’s also very flexible which means changing up your interior or exterior designs won’t make your doors stick out like a sore thumb. It’s a safe, classy, middle of the range colour that always plays nicely. 

It’s our most popular colour and it’s no wonder why.

Other Colours 

In addition to these three main colours, we also allow you to choose any colours from the RAL Colour Chart

We understand that while there are certainly best design practices for choosing a more neutral colour, ultimately you shouldn’t feel limited. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With NOW Aluminium

Our premium grade aluminium is powder coated to provide the perfect, consistent finish. This involves the aluminium being coated with an electrically charged paint powder. A heating process bonds the powder to the metal and as a result, provides an exceptionally durable and long-lasting finish. 

It’s also an environmentally friendly process as all unused powder is recycled so there is never any excess paint.

So, regardless of what colour you choose for your new bifold doors, with Now Aluminium, you will always get a gorgeous and durable finish.

Design your new Bi-fold doors today.