Do Bifold Doors Add Value To Your Home?

Have you ever wondered if bifold doors actually add value to your home? 

Bifold doors instantly unlock the potential of your living space, adding both functional and aesthetic value to your home. Beyond their sleek and modern appearance, these doors offer a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing natural light to flood your interiors.

Whether you’re contemplating an upgrade, getting ready to sell or simply curious about the real estate implications, the addition of bifold doors can play a pivotal role in adapting the price points.

In this guide, we’ll talk you through exactly how and why bifold doors increase your home’s value.

Do Bifold Doors Add Value to Your Home?

Yes, bifold doors add tremendous value to your home, typically increasing the value of your home by 5-10%. 

Ultimately, the extent of their impact depends on various factors such as the design of your home, the quality of the doors, the local real estate market and the preferences of potential buyers. 

However, due to their design function and popularity, bifold doors are guaranteed to increase the value of your home to some degree. 

4 pane black bifold doors between kitchen and patio

The Reasons Why

Bifold doors add value to your home by enhancing every element of your home’s overall design. The following benefits of bifold doors are considered reasons as to why they add to your home’s value:

Space-Saving Functionality

Bifold doors open up new opportunities for your living space. These sleek doors can be fully opened to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

With the installation of bifold doors, your living space turns into a versatile and fluid space that can be transformed based on your needs. 

If you enjoy hosting guests in your home, bifold doors are a great way to ensure your guests can fit comfortably in your living space. The sleek functionality of bifold doors also adds a sense of luxury which is attractive to homeowners seeking a modern lifestyle. 

Natural Light Enhancement

The large glass panels of bifold doors allow ample natural light to permeate deeper into your home. This increase in light brightens your home and makes guests feel more welcome. 

The large glass panels also offer unobstructed views of your outdoor living space. Additionally, exposure to natural light is associated with various health benefits, including improved mood and increased productivity.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bifold doors have a more contemporary and stylish appearance than other door variants. 

Their framing is sleek and the large window panels add to the modern aesthetic many homeowners currently seek out. The seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces creates a contemporary look that may be appealing to potential buyers. 

The fluidity that bifold doors bring to your living space enhances the overall openness of your home, as well. Additionally, bifold doors are customisable, so you can design the perfect door for your home. 

Energy-Saving Features

Beyond physical features, bifold doors possess energy-saving features. These doors tremendously decrease your heating and cooling costs. 

A properly-glazed window stops heat from escaping, so you’ll use less energy to heat your home. And on colder days, the window glaze makes use of the warmth from the natural daylight. 

By automatically regulating temperatures, these doors can help lower your energy consumption, ultimately saving you money on your utility bills.

Dark grey bifold doors opening out onto path and green lawn.


The durability of bifold doors increases the security of your home, therefore increasing the value of your home. 

High-quality bifold doors are constructed using durable materials such as aluminium. A material like aluminium is weather-resistant and requires little maintenance. With the addition of a multi-point locking system, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re safe and your doors are reliable.

Message From A Client

We reached out to one of our recent customers to comment on this topic:

“It’s hard to say exactly how much the bifold door we purchased from Now Aluminium has added to the value of our house, but I have no doubt the value created will far exceed the total cost of the door when we plan on selling the house next year.”

Richard Curtis

Final Thoughts

Bifold doors can absolutely increase the value of your home through their space-saving functionality, natural-light enhancement, aesthetic appeal, energy-saving features and security.

At Now Aluminium, we pride ourselves as one of the UK’s leading experts of aluminium bifolding doors, windows, and sliding patio doors. We also provide supply-only bifold doors as an option.

Get in touch with us today so that we can find the perfect bifold door for your home and explain how it can add value. Alternatively, you can go right ahead and get a quote from us.