How Much Do Bifold Doors Cost?

Bifold doors have become increasingly popular in contemporary home design, but how much do they now cost in 2023?

Not only do bifold doors have aesthetic appeal, they also have functional advantages. They are a fantastic way to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing in natural light and adding a touch of modernity to your home. 

Whether you’re renovating or adding an extension to your home, external bifold doors are a great choice.

Now Aluminium offers a range of customisable aluminium bifold doors to fit your budget and home needs. Today, we’ll explore the factors that determine how much bifold doors cost and how Now Aluminium can help you transform your home. 

4 pane bifold doors set in white walls leading out to a patio and lawn

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How much does a bifold door cost?

Bifold doors come in a range of prices depending on the size, material, glazing, number of panels, labour cost, location, and brand. Considering how customizable they are, it’s easy to tailor bifold doors specifically to your home and budget needs. 

Now Aluminium Bifold Door Costs

Aluminium doors are generally more expensive on average, ranging from £1,500 to £4,000 or more. However, aluminium is extremely durable and more hard-wearing than other materials. You can also get wider door panels with aluminium, meaning you can achieve greater overall widths with less panels which could end up saving you money.

Size Number of Door Panes NOW Aluminium Bifold Price
1.8m (6ft) 2 £1,364
2.4m (8ft) 2 £1,364
1.8m (6ft) 3 £2,024
2.4m (8ft) 3 £2,024
3.0m (10ft) 3 £2,024
3.6m (12ft) 3 £2,024
3.2m (10ft) 4 £2,683
3.6m (12ft) 4 £2,683
4.2m (14ft) 4 £2,683
4.8m (16ft) 4 £2,683
4.2m (14ft) 5 £3,343
4.5m (15ft) 5 £3,343
5.2m (17ft) 5 £3,343
5.5m (18ft) 5 £3,343
6.0m (20ft) 5 £3,343

uPVC Bifold Door costs

uPVC bifold doors range in price from £1,000 to £3,000 or more. uPVC is considerably cheaper than Aluminium, however, it often does not have the same aesthetic appeal and cannot go to the same widths.

Size Number of Door Panes uPVC Price
1.8m (6ft) 2 £1,150
2.4m (8ft) 2 Not possible as 2-pane
1.8m (6ft) 3 £1,885
2.4m (8ft) 3 £1,950
3.0m (10ft) 3 £2,000
3.6m (12ft) 3 Not possible as 3-pane
3.2m (10ft) 4 £2,300
3.6m (12ft) 4 £2,425
4.2m (14ft) 4 Not possible as 4-pane
4.8m (16ft) 4 Not possible as 4-pane
4.2m (14ft) 5 £3,150
4.5m (15ft) 5 £3,225
5.2m (17ft) 5 £3,300
5.5m (18ft) 5 Not possible as 5-pane
6.0m (20ft) 5 Not possible as 5-pane

Timber Bifold Door costs

Timber bifold doors range in price from £1,500 to £4,500 or more. Timber bifold doors are considerably more expensive than other materials and also require high maintenance. 

Size Number of Door Panes Wood Price
1.8m (6ft) 2 Not possible as 2-pane
2.4m (8ft) 2 Not possible as 2-pane
1.8m (6ft) 3 £2,250
2.4m (8ft) 3 £2,500
3.0m (10ft) 3 Not possible as 3-pane
3.6m (12ft) 3 Not possible as 3-pane
3.2m (10ft) 4 £3,250
3.6m (12ft) 4 Not possible as 4-pane
4.2m (14ft) 4 Not possible as 4-pane
4.8m (16ft) 4 Not possible as 4-pane
4.2m (14ft) 5 £4,400
4.5m (15ft) 5 Not possible as 5-pane
5.2m (17ft) 5 Not possible as 5-pane
5.5m (18ft) 5 Not possible as 5-pane
6.0m (20ft) 5 Not possible as 5-pane

What affects the cost of bifold doors?

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of bifold doors including size, material, glazing  and more. Let’s take a look in more detail at all of the costs:

The size of a bifold door

Bi-fold doors come in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of your home. 

Naturally, larger doors will cost more, as the size directly affects the amount of material and labour required. Additionally, larger doors often require stronger, more durable materials which also increases costs. 

While larger bifold doors will allow more natural light into your home, smaller bifold doors are more budget-friendly. Now Aluminium offers doors in a variety of panel configurations and widths ranging from 0.7m wide to 16.4m wide.

The material bifold doors are made from

The material used for bifold doors is one of the most significant factors affecting their cost. The most common materials used for bifold doors are aluminium, uPVC, and timber.

Timber doors are usually the most expensive material for bifold doors, with aluminium the next most expensive, but also the most durable.

Glass or glazing options

The glass or glazing option you choose when designing your bifold doors also plays into the cost. We offer a wide variety of glazing options with our bifold doors to suit your home and budget needs. Benefits of Now Aluminium’s glazing include enhanced security, energy efficiency, noise reduction, furniture fade protection, and thermal control.

Configuration or number of panels

The number of window panels also affects the cost of bifold doors. Naturally, more window panels will lead to higher costs due to more materials used.

Labor cost + timeframes

It’s important to factor in labour costs when it comes to the cost of bifold doors. The complexity of the installation process, the size and number of panels of your doors, and local labour rates and availability will all play a part in the final cost.

Your location

Your location also plays into the cost of purchasing your bifold doors. In general, areas with higher living costs, such as London and the South East, tend to have higher prices for goods and services, including the purchasing and installation of bi-fold doors.


The brand you source your bifold doors from will also play into the cost of your bifold doors. While some brands may be more expensive, they might offer better long-term value through improved performance, durability, and customer service. 

Do bifold doors increase the value of your home?

Yes. Bifold doors will increase the value of your home both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. 

Bifold doors create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces which creates a perception of increased living space and brings in ample natural light. 

They are also energy-efficient and may contribute to lower utility bills. Overall, bifold doors are considered a desirable feature, and having them installed not only improves your quality of life within your home but also makes your home stand out in the market. 

Dark grey bifold doors opening out onto path and green lawn.

Is planning permission required?

Usually, bifold doors do not require any planning permission as they are typically covered by permitted development rights. You may need planning permission to install bifold doors if you live in a conservation area or listed building.

It’s recommended that you call your local council to determine whether or not you need permission to install bifold doors in your home.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Now Aluminium’s bifold doors come with a 10 year manufacturers’ guarantee for your complete peace of mind. As standard, we also offer a 12-month warranty on hardware. 

Now Aluminium formed with the intention of operating almost entirely online to make our customer’s experience as seamless as possible. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, our phone lines are open between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We choose to glaze our bifold doors with the country’s leading energy-efficient glass.

Given the slim aluminium frame profile of our aluminium bifolds, the glass itself can make up over 80% of each door panel, so it’s vital you make the right choice of door glazing. With our glazing, a special coating on the glass stops heat escaping, so you’ll use less energy to heat your home.

Also, on the colder days, it makes use of the warmth from the natural daylight. In addition, the cavity is argon filled with a warm edge spacer to deliver maximum performance.

When it comes to utility bills, the energy efficiency of bifold doors can have a positive impact. By reducing the need for heating or cooling, these doors can help lower your energy consumption, ultimately saving you money on your utility bills.


The cost of bifold doors is influenced by various factors, including size, material, glazing options, configuration, labour costs, location, and brand. 

Now Aluminium offers customizable options to fit your budget and home needs. The installation of bifold doors not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also increases its overall value by creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. 

With a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee and a commitment to energy efficiency through Planitherm glazing, Now Aluminium supplies the best bifold doors on the market. 

Receive an instant quote from Now Aluminum to see how much your dream bifold doors cost.


Can I install bifold doors myself to save on cost?

Our bifold door assembly instructions are only for the attention of qualified installers who are trained in window and doors installation techniques, and are aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations for the system used. It is possible to it bifolds yourself if you’ve had previous experience, but is otherwise best left to a professional.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace bifold doors?

It’s advisable to consult with a professional to assess the condition of your bifold doors. They can provide insights into whether repairs are feasible or if replacement is the more practical option. 

Additionally, consider your long-term plans for the property and whether replacement aligns with your goals and preferences.