What is PAS 24?

When you’re buying a new set of premium aluminium bifolding doors, you need to ensure your product is PAS 24 accredited.

The industry often uses confusing acronyms and jargon and for many, won’t make much sense regarding legislation and specification standards. To give you a hand, NOW have put together a blog that will provide a better understanding of what it all the information really means.

PAS 24 stands for Publicly Available Specification and is a minimum standard to which doors and windows are tested. Products are either failed or passed – there are no varying grades of security. PAS 24 covers all aluminium sliding and bi – folding doors which requires all doors to go through a hardware ‘attack’ test and an enhanced security performance test for door assembly requirements and based on a burglar trying to attack or manipulate a locking cylinder. Unfortunately, deliberately breaking the glass panel or damaging the aluminium door frame fixing or picking the lock is not covered by the PAS 24 testing standard.

What does PAS 24 mean to the NOW folding door owner?

As a property owner, you are aiming to make your home as secure as possible and so it is vital you look for doors and windows that carry this PAS 24 certificate. This provides the peace-of-mind that you have the highest security requirement for your aluminium doors. Throughout every step of the testing stages, the BSI (British Standard Institute) regularly inspect the testing process and monitor companies who hold the PAS 24 accreditation. This attention to detail ensures all products that consumers purchase will consistently meet these high standards and consumers can buy with confidence.

In summary, the PAS 24 standard is basically an extra security measure – they ensure NOW Aluminium supply only bifold doors aren’t just secure, they’re EXTRA secure.