What Are Traffic Doors?

In your configuration of bifold doors, the traffic door is basically an every-day door built into the aluminium door system – opening separately from the other folding doors.

In essence, it allows you to use a door for access inside and out, without needing to open the entire set. Much like a conventional door, it has its own locking mechanism, handle and opening, and can be opened easily from the inside or out. A concertina system traffic door can be either hinged to the door-frame, or attached the bifold door configuration itself. The traffic door can either be positioned far right, far left or in the middle or a configuration.

In what situations might you need a traffic door?

In the spring and summer, bifolding doors allow you to live a wonderful, open plan living space between the house and your garden/outside space. In the winter, bifolds provide a relaxing view of the outside for the warmth of your home, however with practicality, you will still need regular access to the building with no compromise with security. A traffic door provides the best of both worlds and a favourite option for many of our quotations and customer requirements. You can take a look at our gallery to see some of the layouts created previously and to provide an inspiration based on what other people chose using a variety of living spaces – including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and conservatories.

When might you not need a Traffic Door?

If you have a kitchen door or a back door providing access to the outside of the house, then often there is no need for a traffic door. The bifolds can be either be left fully closed or fully open as and when the situation dictates. The more traditional door can be used as the passageway in and out of the property.

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