What Bi Fold Door Configuration Would You Choose?

So, you have made the decision to choose bifolding doors over alternative materials and opening styles, but have you decided on which bifold door opening configuration you need?

Whilst alternative styles are fairly limited by comparison, aluminium bifolds offer far greater selection ensuring you can choose the perfect option for your individual requirements – this is one of the best features of concertina doors and one of the major reasons they are chosen over sliding doors or patio doors.

The size of the opening depends on how many panels you should have – which in turn dictates the configuration.

Which bifolding door configuration options are available?

Well, more than you would think. They include…

  • opening left
  • opening right
  • traffic door left/right
  • opening inside or out

If you are unsure, you can always call one of the NOW team who will be able to provide advice on decisions such as where to have a traffic door, how many panes to have, and opening style.

Should you open to the left, to the right or in the middle?

Quite simply, the layout of the property will play a deciding factor in the bifold door opening style that you choose. Most of the time, doors are stacked outside as this is where there is the most available space – doors folding inside takes up living room means that furniture can not be placed near the opening. It also provides a cleaner aesthetic from the interior when the doors are stacked on the exterior. If you have a nice garden or decked area, you may want your doors configured to open in the middle so you can step straight outside. On the other hand, you might need to a traffic door (use panel on the left or right that can be used daily).

In essence, what can seem like a complex decision is what makes bifolds great – they can be tailored to perfectly suit any property. Not just in the way they are finished or manufactured, but in the way they work and function. Take a look at our bifold door gallery that shows a wide range of configurations across various styles of properties – feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.