What Is A Composite Door?

They seem to be more popular than ever, but what is a composite door exactly? We’ve had a number of customers ask about what makes a door composite.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand composite doors and if they are right for you.

What Are Composite Doors?

Composite doors most commonly combine the traditional timber core, but are then surrounded by other materials such as glass reinforced plastic (GRP), uPVC and laminate. The end result is a door that’s far more durable and robust than many alternatives.

It is this combination of materials that makes a door composite.

Composite Door by NOW Aluminium installed in a house build

What Are Composite Doors Made From?

There can be variation in terms of the material used for composite doors, but they almost always start with a timber frame which provides the door’s strength and stability.

After that, we can start adding material like uPVC which is very popular because of its weather resistance and it protects that layer of wood, keeping it from warping or rotting which is a common issue with wooden doors.

There is, sometimes, a layer of dense foam, which provides excellent insulation to keep the warmth in your home where it belongs. Though this is often on cheaper composite doors that do not use a timber core.

Metal is sometimes added to help reinforce the base and frame of the door, providing extra stability.

Finally, a finish usually made of reinforced fiberglass or GRP is used for the outer skin. This material is incredibly durable and will protect the door from the weather, preventing wood rot and the chance of fade or discolouration. It also looks great, giving your door a brilliant wooden appearance that our customers love.

At NOW Aluminium, our composite doors use a CoolSkin outer skin, which provides notable benefits over GRP:

  • It prevents the door from becoming too hot to touch and prevents discolouration much better.
  • Due to the reduced heat, the chance of the door warping is reduced even further.
  • Finally, the reduced heats helps better regulate the temperature in your home.

What Are The Benefits of Composite Doors?

Composite doors have a number of benefits that have made them so popular:


These doors take the best characteristics of all their individual materials to deliver a product that is more than the sum of its parts.

They can take a battering from the toughest weather conditions that the UK has to offer without any issue. This is particularly true of our composite doors which have an industry leading TriSeal frame to make them absolutely top of the line.

And, these doors are designed to last over the long haul. You won’t be replacing it any time soon.


Because of the CoolSkin finish, these doors look incredibly good. They have a charming, traditional look that many homeowners crave as well as offering you a number of design options. 

At NOW Aluminium, we offer a number of gorgeous, expert designs, but with our free online design tool, you can create your own masterpieces too.

Atlas Composite Door by NOW Aluminium


Composite doors don’t just look good, they are extremely tough and fantastic for security. They integrate with a number of locks so you can always feel safe in your home.

Our composite doors use an auto-fire multi-point locking system, meaning all points of locking engage without having to lift the handle like on a normal door.


Materials like CoolSkin don’t need much maintenance if any at all. These doors don’t stain or fade so you won’t need to worry about repainting or any other kinds of heavy maintenance.


It should be clear why composite doors are just so popular. They combine several, high quality materials to create an incredibly durable, strong and attractive entryway to your home.

At Now Aluminium, we don’t just sell aluminium bifold doors. our composite doors are hand crafted with the best possible composite materials to ensure a superior product that looks absolutely amazing. 

You don’t just have to take us at our word, check out our composite door design tool see for yourself!