Preparing your property for your Bifold Doors – Homeowners

The last few days before your new NOW aluminium bifold doors arrive is very exciting and also signifies that your renovation job is nearly complete… But before your builder or installer plans to fit them, you need to make sure that your home is ready for NOW Aluminium to deliver your new aluminium bifolding doors.

Your builder will have no doubt provided advice on how to prepare your home for the installation of your new doors, but we have provided a few tips to ensure the work gets done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Firstly, why not take a look at the area the aluminium bifolding doors are due to be fitted and assess what space is required to work safely and efficiently. You’ll need to clear as much of your belongings out of the room as you can – particularly if you have anything precious or breakable nearby.

It’s always a good idea to cover furniture that can’t be moved with dust sheets or similar to protect them as best you can. Check outside to see if there’s anything in the way on the floor or walls.

If possible, make room for the delivery driver to park their van as close to your home as they can to allow easy access to the garden or rear of the house. If possible, try to eliminate the need for them to carry the doors through the house – although NOW Aluminium doors can be delivered in individual panels and with glass separate if preferred.

Whilst NOW Aluminium offer a supply only service, we would always recommend you inspect the door both on delivery and after the work has been done before the fitters leave. NOW Aluminium bifold doors are simple to fit for most competent installers and we offer a specific installation guide, however we would suggest finding a reputable builder, tradesman or installer who you can rely on to provide a high-quality finish.