Get more fresh air with bifold windows

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If you work from home or in a poorly ventilated office, you might find yourself getting tired and feeling lethargic on a daily basis. One option is to pour another coffee, or get an earlier night’s sleep… but the very act of creating more airflow and simply opening the windows might be the only thing […]

White Label Bifold Delivery Available

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At NOW Aluminium, we understand the requirements of our builders and trade customers completely. It’s not just about getting your aluminium bifolds manufactured and delivered on time and on budget, it’s about the smaller things too. This is why none of our vans carry NOW branding and none of our doors have NOW Aluminium safety […]

How we offer 2 week lead times

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NOW Aluminium offer 2 week lead times as standard on our aluminium bifolding doors. But how do we offer these short delivery timescales? NOW have a close relationship with our preferred profile supplier, Alutech and therefore have the ability to buy stock with an exceptionally short lead time. In addition, we hold considerable stock levels […]

A Starter Guide to Bifolding Doors

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Aluminium Bifolding doors are an increasingly popular choice when looking to increase space and maximise light into a room. The folding design literally opens up an entire wall connecting the inside to the outside. When bifold doors are closed, the expanse of glass offers expansive views when compared to a typical window or door. This is […]

Cleaning Aluminium Bifolding Doors

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You’ll be blown away with the difference cleaning your aluminium bifolding doors will make to brighten up your home! However, you start, why not get some advice on how to clean aluminium bifolding doors and bifold door glass effectively? Here are some words of advice on how to get the best results. The things you […]

Alutech Bifolding Doors

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At NOW Aluminium, we fabricate our aluminium bifold doors using Alutech BF73 profile as the platform for our bifolding doors. Read our latest blog to discover why we deem this the best aluminium profile to create our NW1 bifolds. The Alutech system is designed to an exceptionally high specification. They are designed to look great, […]

Your Lead Time Not Ours!

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One of the main drawbacks of ordering bifolding doors is quite often a lengthy lead time. Given the complexity of the product and manufacturing process combined with the materials, delivery dates can often be as long as two months for many UK bifold fabricators. Whilst the delivery date is usually high on the list of […]

Order Bifolds NOW to avoid industry price increases!

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With the price of aluminium rapidly increasing by as much as 8% – 12%, we have delayed increasing our price to you for as long as possible. As you may have noticed, many of our competitors have increased their prices over the last couple of months and given the level of the increase, NOW Aluminium […]

What are the benefits of open plan living?

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Open plan living has been popular for many years and even more so as bifolding door systems have developed. Given the function and location within a home, the room that has followed this trend more than any other is the kitchen. Open plan kitchen areas, what’s the attraction? An open plan kitchen provides far more […]

Looking for Supply only Sliding Patio Doors?

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To sit alongside our range of supply only aluminium concertina doors and aluminium windows, we also supply aluminium sliding doors. Whilst everybody’s requirements are different, there are a couple of advantages aluminium sliding doors have over bifolds – especially through the colder months.  To start with, our glass and glazing systems offer some of the […]