The Benefits of Thermally Broken Aluminium Bifolding Doors

Discover the benefits behind installing thermally broken aluminium window and door systems

Aluminium is the perfect material for creating bifolding doors, windows and roofs. It is light, exceptionally strong, requires little to no maintenance, weather-proof and sustainable. However, aluminium is also an incredibly good conductor of heat, which on its own, provides little insulation against the heat of the summer sun or the cold winter weather.

That is why all Now Aluminium windows and door systems are thermally broken. This is where an additional material is integrated within the profile that conducts virtually no heat between the inside and outside frame – thus ensuring that even on the coldest winter days, the heat stays inside the home and the cold remains out. In fact, our bifolding door frames and planitherm glazing systems are some of the best performing doors on the market today!

In addition, the thermal barrier also helps ‘dampen’ vibrations between the frames and therefore improving sound insulation – perfect for those living near a busy road, railway line, or just seeking a peaceful home environment.

To find out more about our incredibly low u-values and thermal efficiency, contact our team today who can advise you depending on your own particular requirements or simply get an instant online bifolding door quote now!