Do Composite Doors Fade In Sunlight?

When you first install a new door it looks amazing. The colour is vibrant and the finish really pops. But over time, often these looks can fade due to sunlight, the elements and just general wear and tear.

While this lifecycle is true for most types of doors, can you expect your composite doors from NOW Aluminium not to fade over time? 

Will My New Composite Doors Fade in Sunlight?

Many other composite doors suffer from their colour fading over time. This issue isn’t present with our composite doors, as the slab has a unique CoolSkin outer skin, which significantly reduces the effects of the sun on the colour of the door.

Because of the blend of materials that make up a composite door, they inherently hold up far better against elemental damage like sunlight, wind or rain compared with alternatives like solid wood.

Using the CoolSkin outer skin, our composite doors perform even better at handling adverse weather effects and can even help with warping and temperature regulation. This is further explained below.

Composite Door by NOW Aluminium

Do Composite Doors Warp in Sunlight?

Warping is another unfortunate reality for most doors made of wood. Whether it’s due to excess sunlight heating the door, or adverse weather conditions getting the door wet, eventually, you will find most doors either expand or shrink over time.

Our composite doors, however, are different. Water is unable to penetrate the outer coating of the doors meaning that you shouldn’t have to worry about water based warping because water can’t reach the wood core.

In terms of warping due to sunlight, our composite doors are far more resilient than other brands, especially wood and uPVC doors.

Most importantly, all our composite doors feature a slam shut, auto-firing multi point lock. This means, every time you close the door, all of the locking points lock rather than you having to manually lift the handle to engage them. Not only is this more secure, but this means the door is always held tight within frame, preventing warping.

Do I Need to Maintain My Composite Door?

With traditional wooden doors, you are expected to do some level of regular maintenance, whether that’s painting, oiling, staining or varnishing it. 

Composite doors don’t need this kind of hands-on maintenance. They are designed to be durable without the need for constant cleaning and maintenance. In fact, not only do you not need to paint these doors, but we actively recommend against it. 

If you have a particular colour in mind, then it’s important to have this colour in your design before your store is made.

Composite Door, created by NOW Aluminium

Why Are Composite Doors More Durable?

Composite doors are made with a blend of strong materials and are designed to take the best elements of each.

They are made from materials like timber, uPVC, foam, metal and even reinforced fibreglass. Together, you have a product that is durable, can stand up to weather damage, is incredibly secure and is low maintenance.

It really is no wonder why these doors have become the country’s favourite option.

We like to take our doors to the next level with advanced locking systems and CoolSkin technology to ensure our doors stand up extremely well to sun damage.

How Long Do NOW Aluminium Composite Doors Last?

Due to the high quality materials we use to create our doors as well as the durable nature of composite doors, you can expect your door to last for decades without any fading.


The unfortunate reality is that a lot of doors will eventually fade in the sunlight.

However, our composite doors are especially resistant to this, unlike other options, meaning our customers never experience any fading. 

If you want an incredibly durable door that can hold up well against all weather elements as well as just about anything else you can throw against it, then start designing your own composite door today.